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Agile, Efficace et Transparent

La mission de Productivist

Productivist est votre lien avec des is a back-office that connects to your business. Nous vous donnons instantanément accès à un système de gestion de production décentralisé

Productivist est conçu pour être un environnement productif, pour être utilisé sans formation ni guide d'utilisateur. Vous gérez votre production avec un accès à la totalité du réseau de partenaires.

Productivist step 1 Productivist step 1
Étape 1:
Chargez vos fichiers (.stl)

Nos experts vérifient manuellement tous les fichiers et les réparent si necessaire afin de garantir un résultat de production optimal.

Productivist step 2 Productivist step 2
Étape 2:
Paramétrez votre production

Choisissez l'ensemble des paramétres de production de votre commande, la plateforme propose le meilleur prix en temps réel.

Productivist step 3
Étape 3:
Production expédiée en 24h

Nos responsables de production veillent à la bonne réalisation de votre commande. Choisissez où et quand vos pièces seront livrées.

Optimized to be precise

Besoin d'une modélisation 3D ?

Productivist will handle and monitor every step of the process, ensuring the best possible quality at competitive prices and lead times for your Industrial grade modeling specifications.


Envoyez les informations du projet et recevez un devis en 24h.


Obtenez une modélisation de grande qualité prête à être imprimée et livrée.


Any printer, any location, any technology

Decentralize your Production Management System

Productivist will distribute organize your orders. The appointed country managers will select the best printers to do the job and you will be able to manage the delivery of the parts. Choosing where and when a part should be delivered.

Everything for your Business
Productivist FDM
Productivist SLA
Productivist SLS
Productivist Metal

Plan, track and Deliver

Your Production can do more…

More Organization

Take your production workflow to another level. All your projects, files, partnerships and addresses will be safe and organized inside Productivist.

More prints

Harvest the full power of the worldwide network of Productivist printers! Your business no longer has to go through constraints due the unavailability of internal printers.

More Revenue

Reap the benefits that come with the certainty of having faster prototyping, fabrication and delivery time for high quality pieces.

Productivist is made for everyone in your team

The best platform for businesses that build and deliver on time

Create and Manage Projects

All your projects and files are safe, organized and accessible at any time through an user-friendly interface in Productivist.

Collaborator management

Affect a project team (internal employees, customers, suppliers, third-parties) and send invites by email with an easy connection process

Manage Files

Upload, edit, rename, drop them inside a folder. share, print, re-use and delete. They’re your files, manage them your way.

your Production in Real Time

A quick glance at our optimized timeline page and you’ll instantly know in real time, the state of each of your prints.

Material Billing

Never lose track of material’s costs. Productivist has an integrated feature to manage simple material billing.

Manage Internal Billing

Set up an efficient billing system with the flexibility to adapt to your business own specifications.

Advanced Parts Search

Looking for a part in particular? With the embed catalogue search feature you will quickly find it.

Support to common formats

stl, obj, zip, step, stp, iges, igs, 3ds, wrl and many others. Productivist will accept and interpret all the formats used in the industry.

Printers Management

Print your project internally, outsource it to a favorited partner with whom you’ve worked in the past, or work with a new 5 star-rated printer. Either way, you’ll always be able to be on top of all your prints’ progress with Productivist tools.

Work as a Team

Simplified collaboration with the project team with ongoing feedback. Have the team comments and sketches directly on your files.

RFQ Management

Possibility to manage RFQs including collaboration via messaging.

Orders in a B2B Context

We can adapt the billing process to your process,

Deux sites, toutes les possibilités

Qualité professionel,
au meilleurs prix.

Productivist est le service spécialisé pour les pro de Freelabster, une des plus grande plateforme d'impression 3D en Europe.

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Your internal and outsourced projects. All in one platform!
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